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H-5440 Kunszentmárton Tiszakürti út 6. Tel: 0656/461-074 Fax: 0656/461-059 E-mail: steel@tdfsteel.com


Welcome to the website of TDF STEEL Kft, we appreciate very much your interest. With the following information, we wish to introduce our company, and give you important facts about our products and manufacturing activities.

TDF STEEL is specialized in steel processing and manufacturing of steel structures and components for construction machinery (motor graders). Moreover, the production of middle and heavy-weight steel structures plays also an important role. Our manufacturing technology includes the entire steel processing flow, from cutting of the plates to the packaging of finish-painted, assembled parts. In accordance with our guiding principle –“Quality is the way we rise”- our company wants to provide our current and future customers with quality products at reasonable prices, including reliable delivery times.

You will find more detailed information about us on the following pages. Your enquiries, questions, and comments are always most welcome!


Find out more about current job opportunities. If you are interested to become a part of our team, please send us your CV or get in touch with us directly.

Quality assurance

According to our wide ranging manufacturing methods, we offer you a great variety of steel structures. Internal production processes are qualified and certified by third party authorities.


TDF Steel Kft.
Registered office:
1143 Budapest, Hungária krt. 64.
Manufacturing plant, administration, and postal address:
5440 Kunszentmárton, Tiszakürti út 6.
Telephone.: +36 56 461 074; Fax: +36 56 461 059
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