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H-5440 Kunszentmárton Tiszakürti út 6. Tel: 0656/461-074 Fax: 0656/461-059 E-mail: steel@tdfsteel.com

About us

TDF STEEL Kft, a Hungarian-owned medium-sized business, has a long tradition of machine building. The owners regard the company’s activities as an important contribution to the development of the local industry.

Our factory is located about 140 km from Budapest , right in the heart of the Hungarian lowlands, and easily accessible by motorways. Here we primarily produce assembly units and components for motor graders (construction machinery) with high quality standards. TDF STEEL is also specialized in manufacturing of welded steel structures, e.g. frameworks, containers. Find out more under “Our products”.

The production facility in Kunszentmarton looks back on a long tradition, having already produced steel moulds for precast concrete elements back in the 1970s. Following the privatisation in the 1990s, the main product profile has been shifted towards manufacturing of components for constructional machinery.

By transferring the technical knowledge and production capacity as well, since then TDF Steel has been able to meet fully customer’s expectations and fulfil all previous delivery commitments.

Our work is founded on a very strong technological basis with many years of manufacturing experience. We are committed to ensure a high quality level of our products. Thus the quality management system is certified according to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Furthermore, as a specialist welding company, TDF Steel fulfils the DIN EN ISO 3834 standards as well. More under “Quality assurance”.

We are proud to cooperate with some of the well-known machine building companies of Europe such as CNH Industrial Italy, GP-Papenburg Nobas, SW-Umwelttechnik, or Henschel Antriebstechnik, to name just a few. Accordingly a large proportion of our deliveries are sent to locations abroad.

Rely on the long years of experience and expertise; choose TDF-quality from Hungary!

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